In praise of anchovies

My recent blogs have been on weighty historical and politico-economic themes. Imminent blogs will offer more of the same, since the past few weeks have been consumed with reading weighty historical and politico-economic tomes. I will want to share my thoughts on all that before I forget what they are. All the more need, therefore, for a little light relief this week. So I will write in praise of the humble anchovy.   Continue reading

The worst of both worlds

Sitting in rural France, the endless Brexit rumblings seem a very long way away. However important the issues involved, it is easy to feel fed up with the whole process and to wish it would go away. Yet, alongside this feeling, I have another one – growing impatience with the hardcore Remainers of both parties. They are coming close to turning me from a mildly reluctant Remainer into a Leaver.   Continue reading

Truth and myth

How much truth can we take? It depends on the individual. It depends on the circumstances. But probably none of us can take the pure, unvarnished truth (whatever that may be) on a permanent basis. And sometimes we can’t take very much of it at all. But we still need some explanation for our worst behaviour, and some means to sustain our futures. If the truthful explanation is too much to bear, we invent another one. The edifices of our personal lives, and the lives of our nations, rest upon such myths.   Continue reading