The Claptrap OMNI/BUS

From Private Eye, 22 September: ‘In 2015, Brand Finance valued the annual contribution of Princess Charlotte and Prince George to the UK economy at £101m and £76m respectively. To estimate what the royal children could bring the UK economy in their lifetimes … these contributions were projected into perpetuity and discounted to a net present value of £3.2bn and £2.4bn respectively.’   [read more]

Revolution in the air

Minutes of the 49th AGM of the Cambridgeshire Liberation Front, held in the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Godmanchester, on Friday 29th September, in solidarity with the Labour Party Conference

1.   Members present: Mrs Daphne Guevara (Chair), Mr Hans Cohn-Bendit (Paving Stone), Ms Lorraine Chi-Min (Bamboo Splint), Mr Godfrey Gadaffi (Thermo-Nuclear Device), Ms Rosie Luxemburg (Pen), Monty X, Wayne Y, Tracey Z and 57 other members who asked for their anonymity to be protected.   [read more]