01 HomeThis is the official website of the British novelist and historian Jim Powell.

Jim Powell’s PhD thesis for the University of Liverpool has been  revised and expanded. It has now been published as a book by Liverpool University Press  under the title: Losing the Thread: Cotton, Liverpool and the American Civil War. More details are available on the Academic page of this site.

Kay Powell, Jim’s wife, will soon have her first novel published. Then a Wind Blew is set in the final months of the war in Rhodesia, before it became Zimbabwe.

Jim Powell’s third novel, Things We Nearly Knew, was published by Picador in January 2018. It is set in a bar in an unnamed American small town, at an unspecified time, with the story told by an unidentified narrator. The paperback edition was published by Picador in January 2019.

His second novel, Trading Futures, was published by Picador in March 2016 and related the desperate, and sometimes hilarious, mid-life crisis of 60-year-old City trader, Matthew Oxenhay. His first novel, The Breaking of Eggs, dealt with the impact of fascism and communism on 20th century Europe. It was published in 2010 by Weidenfeld & Nicolson (UK) and Penguin (USA).

Jim Powell was amongst the ‘12 of the Best New Novelists’ chosen by BBC2’s ‘The Culture Show’ in March 2011.