Jim Powell’s PhD thesis researched the effect of the American Civil War on the Liverpool raw cotton trade. One of the primary sources for this study were the Bills of Entry for the port of Liverpool. These daily Bills were divided into two parts: the A List and the B List, and are held in the Merseyside Maritime Museum. Some historical examination has been made of the A Lists. As far as is known, no study at all has been made of the B Lists.

The B Lists reveal precisely what quantities of every commodity arrived at Liverpool every day, and gives the names of those who had responsibility for each consignment upon its arrival. This information is considerably more detailed, and more interesting, than that revealed by the A Lists.

Using the B Lists, Jim has tabulated every cotton consignment that came into Liverpool in 1860 (9,926 consignments) and 1864 (11,132 consignments). The information includes the quantity, the country of origin and the recipient for each consignment.

This information is now provided in the Excel files below, which can be downloaded. It is hoped that they will be helpful to any other historian researching the topic.

Further information on the subject matter of the thesis will be added to this page during 2020.

1860 cotton consignments

1864 cotton consignments