06 2 Interviews24 May 2016: Interview with Ginou Capelle for La Dépêche du Midi.

6 May 2016:  Interview with Jean-Claude Perrier for the French literary magazine Livres Hebdo. (For the English translation, press here.)

14 March 2016: Interview with John Wilson on Radio 4’s ‘Front Row’.

Front Row

5 March 2011:
Excerpts from ‘The Culture Show’, BBC2.

5 October 2010: Talk and reading at the City of Asylum, Pittsburgh.

5 October 2010: Interviewed by Elizabeth Hoover for Sampsonia Way, the online magazine of the City of Asylum, Pittsburgh.

20 June 2010: Interviewed by Nicky Pellegrino for the Herald on Sunday, New Zealand.

5 June 2010: Interviewed by Matt Philp for the Dominion Post Weekend, New Zealand.

17 May 2010: Ten Terrifying Questions on a blog for Booktopia, Australia.