Over and out …

… not entirely, but this blog is taking a holiday. It hasn’t had one in more than three years. That’s 167 blogs, and about 167,000 words.

Now, I’m embarking on a new novel, which will give me quite enough to write for the foreseeable future. And I feel that I’ve talked myself out on Brexit, and on quite a lot else.

I imagine, although I don’t know yet, that I’ll still post occasionally. But it won’t be every week, or anything like it. Thank you to those who have kept reading, and au revoir for the moment.

A little peace and quiet

In 1974, soon after the three-day week, in the midst of industrial turmoil, in the throes of an election campaign, Harold Wilson, leader of the Labour Party, remarked that all the British people wanted was “a little peace and quiet”. That year, they voted twice for a little peace and quiet. They didn’t get it, but Wilson was right to think that they wanted it.   Continue reading

Doctor’s orders

For most of my life, health warnings, health advice, health anything, have been subjects to ignore. I recoil from faddishness and fussiness, and from people telling me what to eat and what not to eat. This is due not only to contrariness. To follow all the advice would be impossible, especially since much of it is contradictory, and to discriminate between different pieces of advice requires a level of competence that I do not possess.   [read more]