The Times it is a’ changin’

I had a vague memory of a literary quote to the effect that when a man changes his newspaper after many years it is a seismic event. Since I am now in the process of changing my newspaper, this seemed a good quote to put at the top of this blog, so I Googled it. There was only one result. The quote came from my first novel. Not only do I find it hard to remember what other people write, it seems I can no longer remember what I write myself.   Continue reading

David Aaronovitch meets Feliks Zhukovski

The Breaking of Eggs was a complicated attempt to answer a simple question: why do we believe what we believe? When, at a February meeting of the Prospect Book Club, I heard David Aaronovitch use exactly the same phrase to describe the issue he was addressing in his new book Party Animals, I was intrigued. In fact, I was already intrigued, which is why I was there.   [read more]